Financial Advisor Edmonton – Not Your Typical Financial Planner

At Financial Advisor Edmonton we look at our business differently. Our role as your financial council is a serious one. And we don’t take it lightly. We treat our clients as valued partners. We embrace their goals and make them our own. Sharing your dreams and plans with someone can be scary and intimidating for most people. It requires trust. We unfortunately see many financial planners abuse this trust in pursuit of higher commissions. A lack of education on basic investment, life insurance principles, and financial planning leaves the average person susceptible to fast talking hard selling advisors who may or may not have your best interests at heart. We created our financial process to to position ourselves as our clients exclusive trusted financial counsel. Someone you can rely on to have open and honest conversations about planning for money, death, and taxes.

Our Services Include

Serving the Edmonton, Alberta Area

We have been proudly serving Edmonton and it’s surrounding communities of Sherwood Park and St.Albert for the past 8 years. Whether meeting in our offices or in clients homes we go to lengths to ensure you feel comfortable. Give us a call to schedule your no obligation free consultation session now!