About Us

Let me start off by saying I’m a real person just like you.

I work and live in the community.

I don’t belong to a fancy country club, wear a 3 piece suit, or brag about my accomplishments in the “About Us” section in the third person.

In fact I enjoy bodybuilding, have tattoos and drive a Jeep!

I understand the value of time with family and have faced many of the day to day struggles everyone else does.

Mike With His FamilyI’ve worked in the trades, managed retail big box stores and surprise surprise probably one time checked your ID at the door of the local night club!

Don’t hold that last one against me!

Why I Do Things Differently

8 years ago, I was where you are.

Sitting with an advisor, looking at my finances putting a game plan together. Trying to figure out how to get ahead, cover myself and my family with the correct life insurance, while still trying to maintain a lifestyle.

I didn’t understand what the advisor was telling me. He used fast paced, hard selling, fear based tactics that made me feel dumb, embarrassed and uneducated.

But I knew no different and assumed like everyone else this was he way things are done in the financial industry. The one thing he said that forever impacted me, was the fact that this industry was built on a retiring army of grey haired advisors and that there was next to no new blood taking their place.

That’s when I thought about how many people out there felt the same way I did about the advice and service I received and decided to become the change I wanted to see by creating Financial Advisor Edmonton. I wanted to make a significant impact in peoples lives by REALLY educating them on money and finances. One of my favourite authors said it best. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

What my intended outcome is, to be positioned as your exclusive trusted financial counsel. Where we are able to have open and honest conversations about money death and taxes. Its important that you trust me and you like me and believe I have your best interests at heart.

If you feel there is no opportunity for us to work together then it is ok to say no. I may as well. At the end of our meetings we will figure out how we will proceed. This is done through an interview process where I ask questions about the challenges and opportunities in your life. I want to know about you family and your career. I ask, then listen and write down your responses.

It’s that simple.

Based on what you tell me, together we are going to determine the best game plan for you and solve your problems.

The problems my typical clients face that I’ve been able to solve include?
- being sold a product that is not suited for them. It’s based on the commission the advisor gets, not what the client needs. We review the products and services that are currently in place and decide if it’s what they wanted in the first place. I often hear ” I was going to ask for a second option on that but didn’t know who to talk to. Thank you.”

The majority of clients never hear from their advisor after the “sale”.

That’s the difference. The dictionary definition of a client is someone who is under the care and protection of the person providing the service.

The rest of the industry treats them as customers.

Someone who buys a product and leaves.

The relationships I build with my clients are important to me and extend beyond the typical business customer relationship.

If you’re looking for someone who has you financial best interest at heart I would be honoured to be your trusted financial council.

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