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Life insurance can be a confusing subject for many people. We have been told we need it and that having it is “responsible” but what

does it really do? How can it help us? What’s a good amount to have? What does it cost? What type is best? Over the years life insurance agents and providers have gotten a bad rep for providing inaccurate or even deceptive information to their clients in pursuit of a commission.

At Financial Advisor Edmonton we have made educating our clients on their options apart of our process. We ensure our clients understand exactly why we are recommending what we do before proceeding. Your life insurance broker should have a your best long term interests at heart and be obligated to put your future before their commission.

A Variety Of Solutions For Every Situation

We understand that everyones situation and scenario is different. Which is why we offer custom solutions designed just for you. After learning about your unique needs we will educate and provide you with the perfect product to fulfill it.

Some of the products we offer:

  • Disability Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance

We not only will educate you as to which of these options would best suit your situation but also how they can work with and compliment other elements of your financial plan.

Term Life Insurance VS Mortgage Insurance

This is a subject we are passionate about educating our clients on as they have often been misled on the subject.

Typically when the person on a mortgage dies their mortgage insurance will pay the balance of the mortgage owing to clear up the outstanding amount owing as to not burden the mortgage owners loved ones with the debt. It’s quick and convenient to get and banks sell it like it’s going out of style.

What many consumers don’t know is that mortgage insurance is actually protection for the institution (typically the bank) that lent you the money not you and your family.

The other big misconception is that coverage is not guaranteed. Although you may be paying for it every month the under writing process doesn’t occur until AFTER death. What this means is that if the underwriters discover you have any sort of medical or health condition (you are aware of or not) they can deny your claim.

With term life insurance you own your insurance, instead of the banks. The underwriting is done up front. And when the claim pays out it pays out your beneficiaries who can decide what to do with the funds.

Education is an integral part of our culture.

When it comes to making financial decisions big or small, make sure you have an expert in your corner.

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